Well, since summer, I have been mostly making this; and so very little time for crafting and none it seems for blogging.  As well as making our last little one, we’ve been busy re-scaling our lives and things to make room – new car, new house, new toaster (four slices) – and now, 12 days overdue, as is customary for me, we are all waiting for a presence to fill the spaces imagined and made.

In a period characterised by strong currents and directions, there have been some lighter moments of playing and making to record.

boys' den

With boys, we made a den of driftwood, oyster shells and painted shapes. We’re going to move it to our new house and do more.  I’d love to see more ideas for and examples of dens – anyone?


Again with boys, here is our eco-(Christmas) tree of coppiced sycamore with salt dough foxes, hearts, stars and robins.

gift pinnies in iconic print

bunting sets

adventures in dressmaking - to be continued when less bumpy

And finally, here are some odds and ends made (and sometimes abandoned) in time scraps.