Well, there goes 2013, and here follows another meta-post, having failed to keep up with this blog as intended. I’ve resolved to try harder this year, or to give up and do something else; and resolved also to record more, and more interestingly record, so hopefully that will be a push.

2013 was a big red letter sort of a year. I had my last baby. I continue to watch the stages in development come and go more mindfully as they are her first, and our last. We moved to our lovely old upper villa and started trying to make it work. The boys went crazy with change for a few months, and then Rowan started school, which completely changed the parenting game in ways that I hadn’t expected.

I haven’t done so much making amongst it all, but what I have done has been soothing and fun. Because time is so pressed, and because the paraphernalia of sewing was creating a barrier, I felt I needed an on-my-lap project. So I went to the very friendly Ginger Twist Studios and learned to crotchet, with steady and sweet-natured Alice in tow. Crotchet is fantastically portable (nice to demonstrably weave together all of those lost moments in the passenger seat of the car, waiting for children outside school and nursery, waiting for sleeping children to wake) and rhythmic. My memories of learning are nicely bound up with having Alice asleep on my lap.

Other projects have been more practical, like making blinds for the new house (see this blog for a really useful technique in matching up patterned fabric), doorstops and bags. Without having the energy for experimentation, I’ve been repeating simple processes, but enjoying the way in which this puts the emphasis on colour, pattern and combinations.

Of course there’s also been some making with the little people. In springtime, I made A is for Alice postcards to mark Alice’s birth and formed from her birth story, used as thank you cards. I intended that we would all paint one for her, but am only just getting around to this bit now. The sunny summer was all about being outdoors, with nature art, natural paint, and a lot of fun with sticks, with many ideas courtesy of the fantastic Stick Book. We were given some LED tea lights for Christmas and couldn’t decide whether or not they were rubbish on the grounds of fakery, however for children, the fact that they don’t set things on fire opens so many possibilities. We had fun with lantern-making (see this top ten for inspiration) for the Hogmanay parade in Musselburgh, and Louis made an indoor woodland den with Sarah and Duck styled ‘so much glow’. I’m also imagining a make your own paper lantern kit for party bags, in my mini-mission to give things that children have to work on, rather than passively consume then dump.  Christmas crafting also included shell tree decorations, with decoupage and paint inside, and hung using little bits of those annoying bags they wrap the tree in, like little fishing nets.

I’m looking forward to 2014, I hope; becoming more used to being five, more relaxed times ahead, and making the garden a beautiful and joyful space. Oh, and blogging, more regular blogging…




Happy new year x