Well it’s been a busy week or two at 88: our kitchen is now green (pretty, pretty); we welcome Alice’s eighth tooth, with relief; and after having tripped over for nearly a year and found the baby munching on crocs on more occasions than is reasonable, we finally tidied up all of those shoes in the hallway. On making, there’s been the heart paper chain pictured above, shamelessly magpied from the window of a local shop, and very appealing to the heart-loving child (you should see where the staples go from the picture). I finished that grey hat (thanks to the lovely Emily Wood for Beach House tutorial), very much enjoying working in bamboo yarn; soft texture, shiny and great definition. I made a quick baby card too. I love the defined space that a card gives and it would be nice find time to experiment more. As usual, I butterfly too much, and so in to the forever box it goes.


I’ve also been researching cheapo light shade ideas as a little mouse seems to have eaten all of our money, naughty mouse. This is a great top 25. If I make anything good, I’ll share soon.

A theme for our year is the guiding principle that we should spend time in good spaces. By good, I mean places that are meaningful, truthful, inspiring, beautiful. In contrast with, say, a retail park or a grabby, commercial family attraction, which leaves me feeling tired, bored, dizzy and dissatisfied, and the same for children I think. It reminds me of Froebel’s point that children should be surrounded by kindness, understanding and beauty (beauty is the surprising one I think). Anyway, here’s a list of some of our good places in the past month of two (all worth it, even when visits have been super-brief because of the children’s attention span).

* Terracotta warriers at Old College

* Snowdrop hunt in the Botanics

* Iron man cafe in Modern 2

* Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider

* Roslin Chapel

* National Museum

* Jupiter Artland deserves a mention too because of many happy trips in the summer

Looking forward to spring, we now have an allotment (!) and a messy, empty garden to sort out.