Oh, so lovely… but she’ll yank it off just as soon as she’s finished with that dinosaur. This post finds me pleased with how Alice’s hat has turned out (shiny bamboo yarn again in ballet shoe pink), but hoping it will stretch to fit her beyond current no hats policy.


And so to the above, the pom-pom lampshade; a bit bonkers or fabulous, I’m not yet sure. I’ve been continuing to think about how we can shape our now newish house to make it our own and and an inspiring play space, with next to no budget. We have a fabulous landing, my favourite thing about the house, with skylight, sloped ceilings under the eaves, and an odd platform created when the house was divided in to upper lower and the old staircase had to be blocked, where our plants and fish tank currently live. It invites a great light fitting but until now it had a dusty, old rice paper shade. I had been waiting for the perfect month to buy said light fitting, but apparently we need food instead, so I embellished what we had with two pounds worth of tissue paper. Baby likes it and it makes a soft sound. I’ve strung some fairy lights around driftwood also and am thinking along the lines of a woodland theme, a little bit of night time magic for stories and adventures.

Will post if it develops x