granny squares








Abney and Teal get cosy under my experiment with the humble granny square. It’s a crotchet set piece, and I love the repetition and how the basic nature of the pattern puts all of the emphasis on colour and texture. I think I will try a bigger piece next.

It’s growing season! With a newly reshaped garden and a newly acquired allotment, there’s lots to do. I’m a complete beginner, having fun so far. Let the slug and rabbit wars begin!

In the garden we’re working on a figure of eight design in stepping stones, with different points of interest along the way. It’s been difficult getting the children involved, with heavy duty landscaping work to do (although Louis liked chucking rocks in the skip), so I have to see how we develop this. They have their own raised beds and I think they are learning by osmosis by playing around on the allotment and helping when they choose. I am musing over den-making, what we could create with them in the garden and how. With three little children, our house is turbulent, noisy, intense and so, so busy, and I have a hope that in being outdoors together we might find a kind of slow parenting, like slow food or fashion, that is more patient, gentle, sustainable.