It’s summer; meaning that it’s all about the little people making and doing, not me. And so I think I will focus on their play in this blog for a while, and because I don’t expect to have two moments to rub together all summer, make it more photographic.


The summer has begun with some play basics, reminding me once again that the simplest play idea at the right time for the child is so much more than the cleverest at the wrong time. It’s been threading beads, sand, bubbles, pop-up cards, water channels dug out as the tide comes in, and our initiation to the loom band craze. The wildflower seed in the back garden has grown beautifully; and Alice has learned to say ‘flower’ beautifully, one of her best, first words.


As a non-scientist, I’ve been reflecting on how to stimulate the mind of one of my children, who seems fascinated in engineering. This is a really interesting set of ideas for fun science experiments, first shared by a friend. I’ve also been reflecting on how we build quiet time in to our days, as the relationships seem so intense, and sometimes draining, when everyone is together all day. On reading this last point over, it sounds banal to me, but in my lived experience of the boom and bust energy cycles of little children, it will be essential to surviving the summer with humour and grace.