Among the drying, curling wildflowers, this is the last sunflower, with our last little flower. Notice the inverted owl hat, shown the right way up and sort of poking out, below.


As well as this in crotchet, I at last finished my test granny square cushion. After a few more small projects, I am planning to work on a larger blanket, with a spot granny square variation. The idea of having something long-term to work on appeals now; to just do rather than having to keep planning, beginning and ending.

In sewing, I feel a bit blocked right now, but lots of ideas so perhaps projects will soon flow. On children and art, we enjoyed lounging in Pig Rock Bothy at the Modern, and imagining islands and fishing for eels with Charles Avery. Playing around with Ross Sinclair’s instruments in Collective Gallery was so much fun, anarchic and different for children to be encouraged not just to touch things but to make as much noise as possible in a gallery space.

Enjoy the last sunflowers x