April 2015

This year so far has been about two forces, seemingly contradictory. We started part-time home schooling ideas boy, then became drawn in to a campaign to keep our girl together with her brothers in primary school, as a review was announced drawing us out of the current catchment area (siblings guarantee). It sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but somehow both are truthful and reconciled in our situation.

Home schooling has been a little bit magical and a little bit messy, and if I’m quite honest a nice promotion from drudgy-maker-of-porridge to facilitator-educator-extender of learning. I truly feel the benefits that most proponents probably espouse; more child-centred or at best child-led learning, more outdoors and natural play, more diverse experiences than the classroom, learning for the whole family, and benefits to the relationship by sharing the process and time. It has been worth it alone for those special moments of dappled light, snow and jumps to be caught and cuddled.

My making hasn’t been at all consistent this year. I don’t seem to have settled on any particular direction, probably because of energies going to the above, and more recently to a life coaching process where I’m thinking through how to pick up work again as the children are growing. Some little bits of play and making are shown below. I hope more soon …

Ally monit



adventures in dressmaking - to be continued when less bumpy