Summer is here. And with almost no time left, no plans and no money that’s just how I like it?!* Louis is already asking to go to a hotel with a swimming pool, uh-oh.

I found this beautiful piece on play, and hope that it might help things along, with a little sunshine and a little luck. We also have mini-grand plans to develop a play space with a sink pond in the garden, and so more to follow …

Meanwhile, I have continued to be a little bit fascinated by pop-ups and movable pictures, very simple paper and card constructions that allow movement. See hearts card (you can make it with one or three), the simplest pop up (you can use repurposed wrapping paper etc.), and Rowan’s frogs with paper fasteners below. We’ve also had the birthday season, with paper bag animal tribes and pixie wands.

At the moment everyone loves snakes. Flexi-schooling has been probably the best decision of this year, and making snakes together yesterday was one of Rowan’s favourite home learning days. We worked loosely from here, with the children choosing fabrics, features, making the tongue template, trying the machine, following the process through and stuffing – a very popular activity! There is a taster of snakyness below and I will post the final snaky products soon. I realise that I haven’t made anything of fabric with them in quite this way for a while and it’s lovely to see how they engage with the opportunity differently at these ages, with real excitement to see their ideas taking shape.

Happy summer,


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Croc tribe


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