December 2015

It feels like a season skipped; skipped due to the final stages of our (successful) campaign to keep our children together in the same primary school, and due to a reconnection with actual, by which I mean socially recognised rather than hard, work. And so now it is nearly the turning point in the winter dark, and I’m reviewing what arts and crafts have been running somewhere, somehow alongside.

Below I’ve included Rowan’s felt warrior man, which he designed in costume pieces, by himself, below. This was a nice, slow project and we added a bit at a time, with him often asking to do some work on it. I’ve continued to think more about the presentation of basic materials (see the playdough example below, with sticks and beads), and providing quality art materials which make clear marks, beautiful colour and are inviting to use. We’ve also been inspired by Hiccup Horrendous in forming a collective love of dragons, and so dragons with newspaper, tape and matchsticks, modelled below by proud owners. We had tingle-crusher, pumpy pump (the not so fierce one) and skull-crusher. I love the impromptu shadow play below.

With ‘work’ over for now, I’m rekindling my love of sewing, starting out with beautifully simple pinafore designs, and I hope soon a play tepee. Maybe a felt girl for Alice too …

Happy solstice x

(as always, hover over the pictures to see the caption)

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