April 2016

With the exception of the teepee, this post pulls together a few collaborative projects with the smalls that haven’t quite found a blog-shaped home elsewhere. I like projects that extend our attention over a few days, and also where the process can be broken easily into different tasks, such that children can either follow it or just contribute where or when they feel like it. Our egg tree (eggs below) was like this. So everyone gathered branches to pop into an old demi-john to make a tree for hanging the eggs. Some people made one or more eggs, rolling out white, air-dry clay, cutting to shape and making imprints with letter stamps, shells and leaves. One child was especially keen to stamp, but everyone was included by having an egg with their name on it. The funny bunny dresses offered a few obvious places for participation; design (sketching), pattern cutting and fabric choice. The decoupage heart was a little at a time project, and art magazines provided gorgeous pictures. This, and the picture of Louis below, which I love, relates to our time at Summerhall on Fridays, which started out as ‘waiting for child’ in animation class, and turned into a favourite, special project time under the expert supervision of Paw Paw the polar bear and his magical, visionary lunchbox.


IMG_4328 IMG_3806 IMG_4235 IMG_3887 IMG_4278