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October 2016

So above, I’ve been looking at various ways of putting together simple skirts with an elasticated waistband, therefore easy for the child to dress by herself. The one above is like a tutu in reverse, with one layer of net layered on top of a pattern. I think my net might be a little soft, a firmer one would do better, but otherwise I like it. The waistband is hip width with a little ease, and a fuller skirt gathered to fit. I’ve seen these connected directly to the elastic, but I think it’s much nicer to have a proper waistband.

The crossed back apron is another Japanese design, highly pinterested, and I experimented with it on scraps. My fussy princess chose the cat pocket and the surprise carp on the back, but now she’s not so sure about the reused shirt fabric, and she might be right. I have a pattern for a grown-up version, so maybe one for me next time …