April, 2017

So some nice springtime pictures, although sadly the bunnies moved too fast for inclusion (this time). The tadpoles are now wiggling/being poached by blackbirds. The game shown is L’s version of noughts and crosses, with signs of spring, snowdrops and birds. It was one of those stage-at-a-time projects which I like, with lots of different bits for different moods, days and even different children (collecting, choosing, cutting, pasting, varnishing, choosing again, sewing, threading, knotting). L sewed a lot of the bag on the machine himself – lots of nice straight lines – and was strangely intrigued by threading the cord  (tie). He was also insistent on an inside pocket so he could organise the contents, and it interested me that he had such a particular view on how it should be. So yeah, boardgamesgeeks (not me), I know it’s not much of a game, but as an artefact/creation – and process – it’s lovely.