The purpose of this blog is to share my thinking about young children’s play, sustainable living and crafts.  I am particularly interested in the overlap between these areas, so making something with or for young children which needs few resources, and from which play happens.  I wonder how we can distance consumerism from children’s play, and what I can do with my own children to encourage resourcefulness in them, moving from ‘I want…’ towards ‘How can I make it?’. I’m interested in the idea that participating in the making of a thing changes our relationship with it and the value we give it; and whether it really works, or we just obsess about dodgy seams.

I will use this blog as a record of the things I make, mainly by sewing.  I love that crafts make possible tiny creative bubbles in the everyday; and in busy, unpredictable times as a full-time parent of two little boys and one little girl, want to see if I am making some progress of my own.  Also it will let me write, and I realise that I miss writing because it was something I always did, as a child, student, and professional.

I mean all of this to come with a twist of lemon. Please tell me what you think.

Helen x