Tulle skirt part II

February 2017


Wellies and a tutu in a classic combination …

I think I’ve got this construction down now and might tutorialise it, next time. This one is remade from one of my skirts which travelled to special places with me so it’s nice to see it being reused. Again it has tulle over the top of a print with an elasticated waistband (with a sneaky opening so that the elastic can be altered to give it a little bit more life). The girl actually likes this one (whoop!) although favours wearing it with a bunny fleece and wellies.



Simple constructions for wee girls


img_2972 img_2969

October 2016

So above, I’ve been looking at various ways of putting together simple skirts with an elasticated waistband, therefore easy for the child to dress by herself. The one above is like a tutu in reverse, with one layer of net layered on top of a pattern. I think my net might be a little soft, a firmer one would do better, but otherwise I like it. The waistband is hip width with a little ease, and a fuller skirt gathered to fit. I’ve seen these connected directly to the elastic, but I think it’s much nicer to have a proper waistband.

The crossed back apron is another Japanese design, highly pinterested, and I experimented with it on scraps. My fussy princess chose the cat pocket and the surprise carp on the back, but now she’s not so sure about the reused shirt fabric, and she might be right. I have a pattern for a grown-up version, so maybe one for me next time …



September, 2016

IMG_4425 IMG_4511 (1) IMG_4583 IMG_4576 IMG_4555

Below, the wildflowers in all their messy loveliness, A’s learning to make petal shapes, pea fairies and stripes, a delicate dinosaur bone restoration and play with left over wood. I’d like to figure out more about spare parts material on a micro scale. We don’t have the lots of grass style children’s garden so I need to find different ways of making it fun …maybe with the addition of little bunnies?


Fast dresses

September, 2016

IMG_4608 IMG_4509 IMG_4421

Little A likes her dresses ‘fast’, which means swooshing and swirling. And so here are two being tested, one with a bubble hem and one with net underskirt. I am not yet sure whether they have been fully approved. There’s also a Japanese knot bag. I’d like to try more of these with tweed and print combinations … I’m also working on a Japanese apron with crossed back and big pockets, using shirts and remnants.



September, 2016

IMG_4477 IMG_0732 IMG_0730 IMG_4463

Heavy-hearted brexit man was made in the city arts centre, with clay surrounding pipe cleaners on a circular base; note the minecraft inspired TNT. We made and played shadow puppets again, with giants, fairies, castles and the dragon with his fire. The underwater scene is made with magic white crayon with complementing water colours layered and mixed on top, and so the picture is revealed.


Ragbaggy post of miscellaneous and the teepee

April 2016

With the exception of the teepee, this post pulls together a few collaborative projects with the smalls that haven’t quite found a blog-shaped home elsewhere. I like projects that extend our attention over a few days, and also where the process can be broken easily into different tasks, such that children can either follow it or just contribute where or when they feel like it. Our egg tree (eggs below) was like this. So everyone gathered branches to pop into an old demi-john to make a tree for hanging the eggs. Some people made one or more eggs, rolling out white, air-dry clay, cutting to shape and making imprints with letter stamps, shells and leaves. One child was especially keen to stamp, but everyone was included by having an egg with their name on it. The funny bunny dresses offered a few obvious places for participation; design (sketching), pattern cutting and fabric choice. The decoupage heart was a little at a time project, and art magazines provided gorgeous pictures. This, and the picture of Louis below, which I love, relates to our time at Summerhall on Fridays, which started out as ‘waiting for child’ in animation class, and turned into a favourite, special project time under the expert supervision of Paw Paw the polar bear and his magical, visionary lunchbox.


IMG_4328 IMG_3806 IMG_4235 IMG_3887 IMG_4278

The world goes around…

… and the seasons change. And so the week before last we had some happy, sunlit days of drawing out the ants with fruit, daisy chains and sandcastles; watching the world become a different place on the other side of the winter. And this week, cycling against the wind, snatches of snow storm, sunbathing tadpoles and high moods.

The world goes around and the seasons oscillate wildly.


IMG_4335 IMG_4343 IMG_4339